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ABMARC Noise Test Solutions provides services for clients Australia-wide, including noise testing, risk assessment, and policy development.
Real World Economy & Emissions
ABMARC provides workplace noise assessments to businesses all over Australia.
Research, Benchmarking & Marketing
Environmental Noise Assessments
ABMARC provides services to clients Australia wide, including for larger transport and infrastructure projects.
Vehicle & Fleet Engineering
Noise Control Planning
ABMARC can assist you in developing hearing protection or noise control policies for your workplace.
Technical Writing & Illustration
ABMARC provides a comprehensive compliance report with every test, and can develop plans to enable you to maintain compliance.

01 MEET THE team

ABMARC has assembled a team of the best engineers and analysts with expertise covering all areas of fuels (conventional and alternative), emissions, vehicles and engines.


Our team members are highly knowledgeable and skilled, with many years of industry experience. Get to know a little more about us:



ABMARC - Natalie Roberts   ABMARC - Andrea



Managing director & PRINCIPAL ENGINEER

B.Eng (Aero), Fellow ISSI, MSAE-A



Natalie is responsible for the day to day and strategic operations and customer account management at ABMARC.



Holding a Bachelor of Engineering (Aerospace), Natalie first worked for GM (Holden) in powertrain calibration developing vehicle control systems to meet emission and regulatory requirements, before accepting a position with Toyota, providing specialist analysis of fuel and emission trends and requirements, leading strategic powertrain planning and energy research for the Australian and Middle Eastern vehicle markets and reporting to senior executives in Australia and Japan.


Natalie is an Ian Potter Foundation Fellow and has extensive experience at both the high level of strategic planning and in-depth technical product development. Additionally, Natalie is an approved engineer by VicRoads for their Vehicle Assessment Signatory Scheme for heavy and light vehicle engineering design or modifications.


Natalie established ABMARC in 2011 and her business and engineering background provides her with a comprehensive understanding of the end to end customer requirements to ensure successful outcomes for strategic planning or technical projects.





B.Eng (Auto), Fellow ISSI



Andrea is responsible for emissions testing for on & off-road engines and vehicles, vehicle testing and VASS certification of light and heavy commercial vehicles.



Andrea has more than 25 years automotive engine, calibration and fuels/fuel system test and development experience covering petrol, diesel and gaseous fuels. She has spent many years using a wide variety of instrumentation. Andrea is six sigma qualified – ensuring quality tools are applied for data integrity control and she has significant experience in risk management.


During her career Andrea has worked for OEM’s, suppliers and oil companies. She has undertaken research assessing the impact of bio-diesel, oil blends, fuel and oil additives on engine durability and emissions for heavy and light duty engines. Andrea worked in the UK for three years as a research engineer on diesel engine designs to improve fuel efficiency and emissions. After which, she worked for OEM’s in the area of homologation and emissions certification of vehicles and motorbikes for global markets (such as the USA, India and Iran). Andrea was responsible for project management, management of engine test lab and staff, in-vehicle calibration for drivability, fuel consumption and emissions. In 2005 Andrea immigrated to Australia, taking up a position with Ford as the Senior Quality Engineer responsible for domestic Petrol and LPG vehicles, then moved to GM Holden.


In 2014, Andrea was awarded the ISSI – Eddy Dunn Endowment International Fellowship to research the Impact of International Heavy Duty Vehicle OBD Regulation Amendments (2013 onwards) on the Service and Repair Industry in Australia.









Senior Engineering Consultant

B.Eng (Aero), BSci (Aviation), MSci (Materials), MBA



Sarah is a lead consultant on assignments of any value. She has superior communication and written skills.



Sarah is an experienced engineering project manager with more than 20 years of experience in the aviation industry in Germany and Australia. Sarah has with a wide range of knowledge and skills acquired across a number of highly technical positions. Her areas of expertise are; best practise project management and successful project delivery (full project life cycle), combining aviation safety and regulatory requirements and their impact on the aviation industry, material properties and aviation fuels and lubricants. Sarah has an excellent track record of successfully completing complex projects on time, and to business’ requirements.


Sarah has managed world first projects in highly regulatory environments and projects in the order of $0.4 billion. In addition to her B.Eng (Aero), Sarah holds a Masters in Materials Engineering (Monash) and an MBA (UoQ).





B.Eng (Aero)



Ben works on data measurement and analysis, instrumentation, market research and technical reporting.



Ben's results-oriented and thorough approach to his varied responsibilities ensure a high quality of work that exceeds client expectations. With a background in customer focussed roles, Ben simplifies complex reams of technical information into clear and concise reports; helping our clients to make informed business decisions.


Ben enjoys the practical side of product testing and benchmarking, instrumentation installation and market research.









Technical Officer




David is responsible for vehicle instrumentation and the preparation of parts for testing and evaluation.



David has more than ten years hands on automotive and aviation experience. His background in aviation results in his standard work practices being of the highest levels of accuracy and precision.