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ABMARC Noise Test Solutions provides services for clients Australia-wide, including noise testing, risk assessment, and policy development.
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ABMARC provides workplace noise assessments to businesses all over Australia.
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ABMARC provides services to clients Australia wide, including for larger transport and infrastructure projects.
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ABMARC provides a comprehensive compliance report with every test, and can develop plans to enable you to maintain compliance.

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The links to standards, codes and resources are provided for information only. These documents are living documents, and are reviewed and updated from time to time. Ammendments may be issued. It is important that you assure yourself that you are using the most current documentation at any time to ensure that you and your business maintain compliance with the applicable requirements.




sqr Noise Standards


Australian Standards


AS/NZS 1081.2-1990 Acoustics - measurement of airborne noise emitted by rotating electrical machinery survey mehtod


AS/NZS 1055.1-1997 Acoustics - description and measurement of environmental noise general procedures


AS/NZS 1269.0-2005 (R2016) Occupational noise management - overview and general requirements


AS/NZS 1269.1-2005 (R2016) Occupational noise management - measurement and assessment of noise emission and exposure


AS/NZS 1269.2-2005 (R2016) Occupational noise management - noise Control Management


AS/NZS 1269.3-2005(R2016) Occupational noise management - hearing Protector program


AS/NZS 1269.4-2014 Occupational noise management - auditory assessment


AS/NZS 2021-2015 Acoustics - aircraft noise intrusion - building siting and construction


AS/NZS 2221.1-1979 Methods for measurements of airborne sound emitted by compressor units including primemovers and by pneumatic tools and machines intended for outdoor use


AS/NZS 2377-2002 Acoustics - methods for the measurement of rail bound vehicle noise


AS/NZS 2436-2010 Guide to noise and vibration control on construction, demolition and maintenance sites


AS/NZS 2702-1984 Acoustics methods for the measurement of road traffic noise


AS/NZS 3671-1989 Acoustics - road traffic noise intrusion - building siting and construction


AS/NZS 3755-1990 Acoustics - measurement of airborne noise emitted by computers and business equipment


AS/NZS 3781-1990 Acoustics noise labelling of machinery and equipment


AS/NZS 4297-1995 Underground mining - stationary air compressors


AS/NZS 4959-2010 Acoustics - measurement, prediction and assessment of noise from wind turbine generators


AS/NZS 5100.1:2017 Series - bridge design


These standards (as well as other noise or acoustics related standards) are available online from SAI Global.




EPA Noise Legislation (VIC)


State environment protection policy (control of noise from commerce, industry and trade) SEPP N-1, relevant across Melbourne.


State environment protection policy (control of music noise from public premises) SEPP N-2, relevant across Victoria


Noise from industry in regional Victoria (NIRV): limits for commercial and industrial noise (factories, shops restaurants and mines), relevant to areas outside metropolitan Melbourne.


For information on EPA Residential noise click here


Traffic noise (from motor vehicles, trains and trams) is most prevalent noise annoyance, according to the EPA. The regulations aim to reduce the impacts of road traffic noise over time.


Regulations applicable to residential noise are available at the Australasian Legal Information Institute (AustLII) or by clicking here.


Available via the EPA website.




Aviation / aircraft noise regulations


Air Navigation (Aircraft Noise) regulations 1984


Find out more about the air navigation regulations by going to legislation.gov.au



Aircraft noise disclosure - avoiding 'surprise noise'


For more information,click here





The aircraft noise ombudsman was established in 2010 to conduct independent administrative reviews of Airservices' and Defence's management of aircraft noise.


For more information on the ombudsman, go to ano.gov.au






Noise reduction policies




Television Commercials Operational Practices


These operational practices set out the requirements for television advertisement (commercials / ads) in relation to audio levels and loudness, and apply to all commercials. These practices are used to ensure that ads do not sound significantly louder than their adjacent tv programs.


OP 48 - Audio levels and loudness


OP 59 - Measurement and loudness in soundtracks for television broadcasting


Visit the Free TV website for more information.





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